About Us

Certified Oilfield Rentals, Inc., a company over 45 years strong, is all about the customer, with safety, service, and quality as the top priorities.

Certified Oilfield Rentals, Inc. was originally established in 1969 by Carwin “Dutch” and Dianna Laging, the same year their only child and current business owner, Kirk, was born.  The business began as Certified Welding Service and targeted mainly the oil and gas industry.  Customers drove for miles to find Dutch out on a rig location to request for work to be done, as there were no answering services or cell phones.  He was a man strong in ambition and work ethics, had a vision for his company to grow and expand into other areas.  In 1978, he branched out into hydrostatic testing in which he changed his company name to Certified Welding and Hydrostatic Testing Service.  With the industry demands in the early 1980s, services included nipple up, forklift, backhoe, casing washing and drifting, rig washing, roustabout crews, water tank rentals, mud tank cover rentals, and potable water hauling.  Kirk spent countless hours assisting his father in all of these areas during his early years.  It’s no wonder that Kirk knows almost every back road in South Texas.

With the boom to bust era of the mid 1980s, Dutch had to make major moves to downsize in order to survive the times, a lesson well instilled in his son to this day.  The late 1980sstarted to shape up and the industry was back to full throttle with new technology in horizontal drilling in the Austin Chalk. A couple of drilling foremen from Conoco, Inc. approached Dutch about the possibility of furnishing an office trailer with living quarters to accommodate them and other personnel on a new project—something not many drilling companies were doing.  Once again,he seized the new opportunity.  This was only the beginning of what is commonplace on drilling locations today.  In 1989, Dutch bought, furnished, and delivered his first mobile office to Conoco’s well site in Fayette County, Texas.  Office trailer #1 was a huge success. He bought more trailers, but over the next several years, his company built ten office trailers from the ground up that were much more rugged for the oilfield conditions, until it became too time-consuming and costly.

By 1990, Dutch decided to sell off some areas of this growing company in order to concentrate on office rentals and welding.  The company name then changed to Certified Welding and Rentals.  The demand for housing packages became even greater and by mid-1992, he phased out the welding division altogether and changed the name to Certified Rentals.  His son, Kirk, who had just graduated from Texas Tech University, returned home to continue his father’s legacy of hard work, ambition, customer service, and safety in South Texas.

In 1997, Dutch hung up his hardhat after 28 years in the business to concentrate on his cattle and pecan operations.  Kirk bought out the company with his wife, Polly, also a Texas Tech graduate.  There’s no doubt Kirk and Polly know what it takes to succeed in this complicated industry.